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FREE Mini-Sessions for Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey

After seeing the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left throughout Texas & thinking about all of the people who have lost everything they own breaks my heart. There are things that can never be replaced. Like family heirlooms, photographs, sentimental items, the list goes on. I know it’s going to take MONTHS to recover from this. But we are TEXAS strong & will overcome. Once the water has cleared & the homes + businesses are restored & families are able to get back on their feet again…I want to drive down to Houston & do a whole day of free photography mini-sessions for families who have lost everything in the Houston & surrounding areas. I know this is probably the last thing on someone’s mind as they are going through this – but maybe it could brighten their day a little bit knowing that they will have family photos to hang in their house once more. Of course, I know these photos could never replace those that were lost, but perhaps they could be a reminder of how their strength & resilience pulled them through!

If you know of a family who has lost their home + belongings, please let me know or let them know that I’d love to do this for them!? Perhaps send the link to this blog post to them or shoot me an email at

ALSO – I am donating ALL proceeds from any session booked within this week to the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey! If you know of anyone who may be interested in participating, please share this post with them or shoot me an email at: 

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