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I’ve been contemplating sharing these photos for the past year.
But…Every time I opened up my laptop to blog Kyle & Jerrika’s wedding day photos, the tears would start flowing & I would decide to do it another day. & then every time after that, I would question & second guess myself – should I only show the happiness & the smiles from their day? Or do I show the hard parts…the parts that broke everyone’s hearts into a million pieces? The parts where you just wanted to bust out crying like a blubbering mess in front of everyone. Would these photos do their love justice? Could I find the right words to say to share how incredible they both are?

I think we all might be feeling a little low & in need of an extra dash of happiness or two…so I decided to put together a list of some songs that always boost my mood & make me dance around the house no matter how I’m feeling….after playing a few of these jams…I’m back […]

Okay, can you say floral galore? Ughhhh I was so obsessed with Kayley & Matthew’s wedding day & their beautiful pops of florals just seemed integrated seamlessly with Kayley’s dusty blue color pallete! Although we spent their big day at Remi’s Ridge Hidden Falls which is in Texas…all of the beautiful Spanish Moss draping from […]