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So, random story: I was laying in bed tonight & randomly thought: oh yeah, I have a blog & it’s been nearly a year since I’ve even thought about it. LOL You know, life has been a little “different” for all of us for the past year plus – & blogging has been the last […]

There’s nothing like summer light! I’m quite frankly obsessed with it…even though the 100+ degree Texas weather can be hard to deal with, sometimes you just compromise to get really pretty light like this! haha Jordan emailed me a few weeks ago & told me she was a fellow photographer out of Houston & they […]

I got to hang out with these two for their engagement photoshoot at Tejas Rodeo a few days ago & we had a blast! Lindsay & Michael have the sweetest love story ever! Lindsay’s best friend told her that she met Lindsay’s future soulmate while she was at work for the day…Lindsay laughed it off & […]

I had a blast getting to spend some quality time with Kara & Clinton while I photographed their engagement pictures at The Allen Farmhaus in New Braunfels, Tx! From the first time I chatted with Kara on the phone, I knew they were just my cup of tea!  We chatted about wedding stuff (duh!), life, […]