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I have been throwing around the idea to start blogging my work & wedding day tips again – yayzies! 🙂 I started blogging my work & wedding day tips & ect in 2014-ish (so if you want to take a trip down memory lane…you are more than welcome to…just click here!). I realized I haven’t […]

Hi! Remember me? LOL if you haven’t noticed – I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging for a (long) while (I tend to do that periodically from time to time when I get super busy & I just forget that I even have a blog sometimes LOL) but I decided what better way to kick off […]

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I’ve been contemplating sharing these photos for the past year.
But…Every time I opened up my laptop to blog Kyle & Jerrika’s wedding day photos, the tears would start flowing & I would decide to do it another day. & then every time after that, I would question & second guess myself – should I only show the happiness & the smiles from their day? Or do I show the hard parts…the parts that broke everyone’s hearts into a million pieces? The parts where you just wanted to bust out crying like a blubbering mess in front of everyone. Would these photos do their love justice? Could I find the right words to say to share how incredible they both are?