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HALEY + KEVIN [Wedding at the Ice Plant Building ]

Hi! Remember me? LOL if you haven’t noticed – I’ve taken a hiatus from blogging for a (long) while (I tend to do that periodically from time to time when I get super busy & I just forget that I even have a blog sometimes LOL) but I decided what better way to kick off posting a few blogs here & there to share a better + more detailed look at some of the wedding days I am oh, so honored to capture! I was delivering Haley & Kevin’s beautiful gallery & magically remembered that I had a blog! haha I just loved this day so much. Haley & Kevin (& their loved ones) treated me like I was family & were the sweetest people you ever did meet. They also got married at The Ice Plant Building in La Grange, Texas! I heard it used to be an antique store & a rad couple transformed it into a COOOOOOOOOOOL wedding venue! Wait until you see the bridal suite…I think it’s one of my favs I’ve shot in yet 😀

Feel free to keep scrolling to see some of the sweet moments from H + K’s big day!

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