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Hey friends! So, if you’re reading this – you’ve probably hopped on over here from my Instagram Stories where I mentioned that I would be creating this blog post for those of you who are interested in Adrenal Fatigue & how I’m planning on fixing mine! I know, I know…this post is WAY different from […]

You would think being a photographer myself, we’d have oodles of pictures of Daniel & I just laying around…but it’s pretty opposite of that! haha I’m always BEHIND the camera most of the time & especially at family functions & gatherings & since I’m the only photographer in the family – we rarely get pictures […]

It’s no secret that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Like, seriously LURRRRRVE IT! Que the Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, Christmas decor, hot coco & Christmas music every day & night of the week starting the day after Thanksgiving lol There’s just something so magical this time of year & I would be A-ok if it […]

After seeing the devastation that Hurricane Harvey¬†left throughout Texas & thinking about all of the people who have lost everything they own breaks my heart. There are things that can never be replaced. Like family heirlooms, photographs, sentimental items, the list goes on. I know it’s going to take MONTHS to recover from this. But […]