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My Christmas Playlist!

It’s no secret that I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! Like, seriously LURRRRRVE IT! Que the Christmas lights, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies, Christmas decor, hot coco & Christmas music every day & night of the week starting the day after Thanksgiving lol There’s just something so magical this time of year & I would be A-ok if it was Christmas time year-round…but, I digress!

Since Christmas is next week & there are holiday parties happening & plenty of Christmas eve & Christmas day shindigs about to go down…I wanted to share my Spotify playlist with you…because, I know some of you are just as obsessed with these magical jams just like I am! By no means do these songs only have to be played just at parties…I mean, feel free to blare them throughout the day in your home & in your car like I do lol

Every Christmas season, Daniel & I crank up Elvis’ Christmas jams & play it super loud & just dance around the living room together…I look forward to that little moment every year (hence why Elvis is the first on my list 😉

But it’s not all Elvis…I listen to a diverse amount of music – from 90’s, instrumental, Rock, classical, oldies, rap…you name it & it’s on one of my playlists. My Christmas playlist has a multitude of genres – so, sit back, relax & enjoy this magical time of year! Feel free to listen to my playlist below to get a snippet of each song – OR you can even follow this exact playlist on my Spotify account so you don’t have to do any work & it’s already made for you…just search “Chandy’s Christmas” and it should pop right up. I hope you guys enjoy & have a magical, Merry Christmas! xoxo


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