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After seeing the devastation that Hurricane Harvey left throughout Texas & thinking about all of the people who have lost everything they own breaks my heart. There are things that can never be replaced. Like family heirlooms, photographs, sentimental items, the list goes on. I know it’s going to take MONTHS to recover from this. But […]

Daniel had his checkup with his doctor. In July 2015, we headed to Vegas to watch our brother David compete in the American Ninja Warrior finals & kick some butt! After the last night of finals, Daniel told David – “I’m going to be trying out with you!” The last night of finals, Daniel was […]

Holy smokes, ya’ll! How is it almost fall & where did 2016 go? We have seriously been enjoying life to the maximum capacity & having a blast lately – we’ve been traveling a lot & doing #AllTheFunActivities while we’re there 🙂 We started out in LA a few weeks ago & spent some time soaking […]

As we’ve been loving our slower season, it’s also given me a lot of time to just THINK! Sounds silly…but when was the last time you’ve actually been able to just take a deep breath & take a walk in the sunshine? It’s SO needed you guys & we should all make time for it […]