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Kyle + Jerrika | A Special Wedding Day at Park 31

I’ve been contemplating sharing these photos for the past year. (I did ask Jerrika & Kyle permission before ever thinking about posting & they gave me their blessing to share their photos & their beautiful story!)

But…Every time I opened up my laptop to blog Kyle & Jerrika’s wedding day photos, the tears would start flowing & I would decide to do it another day. & then every time after that, I would question & second guess myself – should I only show the happiness & the smiles from their day? Or do I show the hard parts…the parts that broke everyone’s hearts into a million pieces? The parts where you just wanted to bust out crying like a blubbering mess in front of everyone. Would these photos do their love justice? Could I find the right words to say to share how incredible they both are?

Truly, Kyle & Jerrika’s wedding day was the biggest honor I’ve ever had in my career. It was the hardest yet most rewarding day…& the most cherished day of my career.

Kyle was terminally ill & battling cancer – they didn’t know how much longer he had…but they wanted to celebrate what they knew best…THEIR LOVE & EACH OTHER! And oh, boy…was it beautiful & heartfelt with a dose of daggers to the heart all in one. I truly fell in love with these two during our first conversation! They were fun, witty, adventurous & light hearted despite the immense heartache they were going through. Kyle & Jerrika truly lived out their wedding day dreams by sharing their hearts with each other & their guests…leaving nothing unsaid to one another…honoring their love…and dancing their hearts out until the very last moment of the night. They were pure JOY!

Kyle passed away on January 2nd, 2020. Yesterday was Kyle & Jerrika’s one year anniversary. I decided to stop being a chicken sh*t & just post this amazing day…the happy & the heart wrenching. Their bravery & love for one another despite the circumstances deserve to be told.

Jerrika & Kyle, you are amazing & beautiful & brave along with a million other wonderful things I couldn’t possibly fit into this blog post. Your love for eachother & life is truly admirable & you have made this world a better place. Not to mention, you have left a mark on my heart that will always remain.

Here are some of my favorites from their beautiful day…Cheers to you both – Happy Anniversary! I love you guys – Rest in Paradise, Kyle – your memory will forever live on!!! <3

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