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Lindsay + Michael | Engagement Session at Tejas Rodeo

I got to hang out with these two for their engagement photoshoot at Tejas Rodeo a few days ago & we had a blast! Lindsay & Michael have the sweetest love story ever! Lindsay’s best friend told her that she met Lindsay’s future soulmate while she was at work for the day…Lindsay laughed it off & went about her normal business…until a while later, she actually DID meet the guy her best friend claimed was her “soulmate”…and guess what…she wasn’t lying! Fireworks went off when Lindsay & Michael met for the first time & they have been inseparable since! They moved down to Texas from Massachusetts a while ago together & plan on getting married later this year in their home town. I had so much fun with these two & wanted to share some of my favorites from our engagement photoshoot together! xoxo, Chandy


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