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Giacobbe Family | San Antonio Family Photographer


We’ve been blessed to photograph Samantha & John for the past few years & this session with them was just extra special! It all started with their engagement session, then their wedding day (yay!)…Samantha’s maternity photos & now, to bring it full circle, we were blessed to photograph their family of three! We were finally able to meet their adorable little one, JT, who is 13 months old & so full of pizazz! He has the cutest smile & we love the way his nose scrunches up when he gets excited! (seriously, it’s adorable). He was running & playing (and trying to eat all of the things haha) throughout our time together – and it just made me remember how much I LOVE family sessions! They are so candid, fun & they are so important to freeze frame time!

Now that our busy season is slowing down, we are so excited to be taking on more sessions like these! Here are a few of our favorites from our time with the Giacobbe family – we hope you enjoy! xoxo, Chandy & Daniel

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