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3 Tips to Starting Your Own Business


Last night, I asked my frannnnds on Instagram if they’d like for me to do a post regarding business tips & a bunch of people voted YES! So today, I wanted to touch quickly on 3 Tips to Starting Your Own Business!

I think the thought of starting your own business sounds so fun – but when you break it down, do people really know the hard work & hours that go into creating a successful business?

Here are my top 3 tips to get your business off the ground & running!


  1. Give To Get 
    When you’re first starting out in your business – it’s BRAND NEW! Which also means, not a whole heck of a lot of people probably know about it just yet. Of course, your mom & besties do…but besides that, it’s probably not out there. SO – it’s your job to get it out to the world! One GREAT way is to give your services or products to a select few people for FREE in the beginning! Yes, I said for free…I know, I’m sure some people are cringing at the thought of this – but in my opinion, it’s crucial! You need to SHOW people why your product or services are worth investing in. Show them that you offer something amazing & your product is worth it! People aren’t going to spend money on something without the guarantee that you’ve done this before, it’s legit & they have gained your trust somehow. Showing them that other people trust & love your product is the best way to gain their trust! Have a portfolio of your work, testimonials & people standing in your corner. Word of Mouth is the absolute best advertising there is out there!
  2. Get Legal!
    This is pretty self-explanatory lol But, if you’re really, really, really trying to make this a legit business – start out the right way by getting legal! Even if you’re not sure where this will go, it’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to da’ law. Plus, it’s always easier to do things legally in the beginning rather than backtracking & having to try to figure it out later. There are so many sources online to help guide you.
  3.  Go Getter
    Be a Go-Getter! I think the illusion of owning your own business seems fun (which it so is) but there is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much work that goes into it behind-the-scenes & behind those pretty Instagram feeds. If starting your own business is something you really dream of doing – you need to go into it with the right mindset & know that you are going to have to sacrifice some stuff in order to get this off the ground. I.E. – sleep, partying with friends & etc. You 100% need to be consistent so people will take you & your product/services seriously. Post everyday, share something special that your product offers over any other product out there, post testimonials…whatever it may be – be consistent & show people that this is a legit business & not something you just whipped up overnight…yannow?

    There’s so much that goes on behind-the-scenes to make a business successful, but I hope these 3 tips could give you a basic starting point! I hope you enjoyed xoxo, Chandy

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