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2017 Gift Guide for Boss Babes

This is the first ever Gift Guide for Boss Babes that I’ve created & shared on my blog & I’m pretty excited about it! As a small business owner myself, I even wonder…what in the heck would I get another boss babe? So, I’ve listed this guide if you ever are stumped on what to get that creative in your life for Christmas. I’ve listed an array of things – from $13 for a fun little stocking stuffer to a few items that have a higher price point if you’re really wanting to splurge on that special someone in your life. I’ve linked each item for you so it’s easily accessible to purchase if you’re interested. None of this is sponsored by the way…these are just items that I love & think would be a great gift if you are still searching for ideas. I hope you enjoy! xoxo

Portable Phone Charger  — I mean, as a photographer, Lord knows I couldn’t live without this! Especially when we’re on trips. It’s sleek + slim, so it fits into my purse without taking up a ton of room. And, it’s super cute! I’m obsessed with marble, but if you don’t care for the marble print, there are many other options out there.


Bath & Body Works Candle  — Many Boss Babes work from their home or studio office, & love having yummy candles lit! Here’s one from Bath & Body Works that I’m obsessed with.



Tieks Ballet Flats  — This gift is geared towards people in the wedding industry. Photographers, planners, florists…anyone who is on their feet working all day. I have yet to get a pair, but I’ve heard amazing things about Tieks & think it would be a wonderful gift that your friend or family member would LOVE & get a zillion uses out of. They are on the pricey side, but SO worth it as I’ve been told!

Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera  — This is a fun gift that I think anyone would love! I have LOVED seeing them at weddings – they are so fun & keep people entertained!


Ona Bag – Leather Camera Bag (BRIXTON)  — This is definitely on the higher price point, but so worth it from a photography stand point! It’s stylish, & SO useful for photographers who like to carry around a few different lenses with them on shoots + some other goodies. This bag can fit a camera body, a few lenses, a 13″ laptop, memory cards/chargers/gadgets galore – whatever they’d like! I literally couldn’t live without my camera bag — I don’t have the Ona yet, but have one similar to it. I have been eyeing this one for forever it seems – I am just in love with it!


Decorative Coffee Mug  — Because, working is always much more fun when you can drink out of a cute coffee mug! lol

The Happy Planner — I couldn’t live without my Happy Planner! It is PERFECT for a Boss Babe – I’ve checked out every other planner & this one is the ideal planner for a business owner. Plus, you can add fun stickers that make your schedule planning much more fun! 


SanDisk CF or SD Cards   — …Because, what photographer wouldn’t appreciate a few more memory cards!…especially during busy season! The only thing I’d suggest is to make sure that the MB/S is 120 or higher.


Vanilla Marble Laptop Skin + Case — Everytime I’m working in a coffee shop or out & about with my laptop, someone usually comes up to me & asks where my case is from. I’ve had several cases from this place & they have held up amazingly! They are always coming out with stylish designs. It’s a great gift that any Boss Babe would love!

Apple Watch  – YOU.GUYS!!! I literally couldn’t live without my Apple watch. I mean, I could…but I just wouldn’t want to. lol Especially on wedding days. My Apple Watch has seriously changed the game for me when it comes to wedding days & the fellow photographer or Boss Babe would probably say the same if you were to gift them this for Christmas. (I am just bummed that they just came out with the Apple Watch Series 3 a couple of months after I bought my Series 2…cue the tears haha The Series 3 makes your watch able to accept & make calls, send texts & function completely on it’s own without your phone having to be nearby. With the Series 2, your phone has to be somewhat near your watch to function.) My Apple Watch has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my business.


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