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This is the first ever Gift Guide for Boss Babes that I’ve created & shared on my blog & I’m pretty excited about it! As a small business owner myself, I even wonder…what in the heck would I get another boss babe? So, I’ve listed this guide if you ever are stumped on what to […]

For Photographers

Well,’s been a little quiet around here for the past couple of weeks – but with a fabulous reason why! LOL I decided to travel through Europe with my sister! It was totally on a whim…and yes, right in the midst of wedding season. When Trae (my sister) asked me if I would be […]


So where shall I begin? Such exciting news & I can’t wait to share – so, without further adieu, here is a little backstory as to how things are unfolding… Okay, I’m going to be blatantly honest here. When I began my photography career 3ish years ago, (not really knowing it was actually going to turn […]

For Photographers

I think we’ve all heard it – whether you’re a photographer or not. The phrase you never want to hear but you just may after you take an amazing picture. Someone speaks those 5 dreaded, cringe-worthy words – “Wow, that’s an awesome camera!” Yikes. Why yes, yes it is! It is actually quite an amazing piece of gear, but it […]